FuelRod Litigation Ends; ‘Founders’ Can Still Receive Free Swaps

The class-action lawsuit filed against FuelRod last year has come to an end, and now those with the newly-created “Founders” status are eligible to continue to receive free swaps.

The creation of the Founders status is the resolution for the pending litigation against FuelRod for the policy change last year regarding the implementation of swap fees.

The early adopters of the rechargable batteries will continue to receive unlimited swaps at any FuelRod kiosk, including those at the Disney Parks. There is no cost to eligible customers to become a Founder, you simply need to prove eligibility by filling out a short questionnaire.

The questionnaire requires the adopter to supply specific information related to their purchase, including what credit card was used, the time of purchase, and a photo of their battery as proof of ownership. Once verified, the customer must create an account on the official app (available on the App Store and Google Play) using the same email address indicated in the questionnaire before their Founders status can be activated.

Once verified, Founders will need to use the official FuelRod app at the kiosks in order to obtain their free swaps. The app will generate a scannable QR code that will need to be put into the kiosk at the time of the swap.

To learn more about FuelRod, visit Fuel-Rod.com.

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