Fox News Host Goes On Rant About Splash Mountain Ending

We’re in the final weeks of Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom. As we recently announced, the “final splash” at this iconic attraction will take place on January 23 2023, when Splash Mountain closes its doors forever. At that time, reimagining is slated to begin, to change ‘Splash Mountain’ into ‘Tiana’s Bayou Adventure’. We’ve seen sneak peeks of this new attraction recently, and it is expected to open its doors to Guests in 2024.

However, it seems that fans of ‘Splash Mountain’ aren’t going to go down without a fight. The most recent prominent name to join the fight to keep ‘Splash Mountain’ the same is Tomi Lahren. Lahren, a commentator on FoxNews, shared her thoughts about the “cancellation of Splash Mountain” via her ‘Hot Takes’ segment recently.

Claiming Disney is “sucking the fun out of the Happiest Place on Earth”, Lahren believes that ‘Splash Mountain’ is another victim of “cancel culture”. She goes on to say that “pretty soon there won’t be anyone or anything left”. Listen to her entire commentary here:

FoxNews Commentator Tomi Lahren Shares Her Thoughts on ‘Splash Mountain’

In addition to Lahren, many other Disney fans are escalating in their attempts to save ‘Splash Mountain’. The petition to save the attraction on has reached a staggering 97k signatures, and it continues to climb.

Outspoken Twitter account @MTARDI32 is using his Twitter platform to share his opinion, and the opinion of his followers. He believes that ‘Splash Mountain’ should remain as is, and that “Disney is digging their own grave” by “listening to the 1% woke” public, and “ignoring the real audience”.

Here are a few of his many Tweets where he insists Disney listen, and leave ‘Splash Mountain’ alone:



@MTARDI32 believes that Tiana should have her own ride, and not take over the existing space of ‘Splash Mountain’:


With the closing of ‘Splash Mountain’ on the horizon, what do you think? Should Disney make a last-minute call and reconsider the retheming of ‘Splash Mountain’? Is Disney on the right track with the retheming of ‘Splash Mountain’ into ‘Tianas Bayou Adventure’? Let us know!

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