First Clip of Beyonce and Donald Glover Singing Can You Feel the Love Tonight

The anticipation is growing for fans of Disney’s The Lion King. The classic which premiered 25 years ago, is getting a reboot into “live action” and it’s coming to theaters July 19th.

We now have a first look, ahem listen, at Beyonce and Donald Glover singing the iconic love song written by Sir Elton John. It also marks the first teaser where we can hear adult Simba (Glover) and adult Nala (Beyonce). Music is very important in this movie and it is a relief to hear that they chose the cast well. Tickets are already on sale and this is sure to be a huge blockbuster for Disney for the Summer season after seeing Aladdin gaining grounds purely through word of mouth.

The director, John Favreau, is not new to this type of movie. He also directed the hit live action reboot of The Jungle Book. For The Lion King he says ” The ambition is to make this as lifelike as possible, such that you feel like you’re watching real life, in a way, compared to the feel of watching a Disney animated feature back in the 90s. ” As for the use of VR Favreau says “It’s a very cool, efficient way of working and helps contribute to a live action feel because we’re able to actually go into VR and set cameras and operate real cameras that drive virtual cameras. It has a look that, hopefully, will feel photo real.”

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