Epcot to Possibly Open Without it’s Cultural Representatives

Many Disney fans have been speculating about how Disney would be able to staff World Showcase pavilions, given that they sent all of the Cultural Representatives back to their home countries when the parks closed in March. The answer may lie in a recent agreement between Disney and a Cast Member union. The Union agreement includes terms that may see World Showcase at EPCOT staffed with Cast Members “who do not meet the culturally authentic theming at EPCOT”.

Here’s the full text:

“The Parties recognize and agree for the purposes of a reopening and until such time that the Company is able to resume normal staffing, employees who do not meet the culturally authentic theming at EPCOT may be temporarily assigned to work in positions that are otherwise reserved for Cultural Representatives.”

The necessity for this agreement is the result of The Walt Disney Company furloughing Cast Members, and specifically Cast Members who would be quite difficult to replace such as Cultural Representatives.

World Showcase pavilions have historically been staffed by Cultural Representatives that are from the actual country that they work in at EPCOT. This adds to the immersive theming of each World Showcase pavilion and is really the heart of EPCOT’s World Showcase. If they choose to staff it in such a way that these Cast Members are not meeting the cultural standards, this immersiveness- so loved by Disney fans-will not be present when the park reopens.

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