Entertainment Cuts Coming In October to WDW

Impending entertainment cuts are in the horizon, October 1st marks the start of a new fiscal year and usually brings some changes in the entertainment department. So here’s a rundown of the changes taking place the first week of October (this has been posted by various sites and confirmed by a couple of the actual performers):

Magic Kingdom:

Muppets Present Great Moments in American History will end on October 6th.

Mickey and Minnie change back to their old costumes and meeting locations

Character pop-ups at the Flag Pole will cease.

Royal Majesty Maker’s last day is October 5th.

Move it, Shake it, Dance and Play It is going from 3 shows to 2 and go back to the old show.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios:

DHS: Lightning McQueen’s DJ’s Ready! Set! Dance! is also slated to end that first weekend in October.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom:

The Hakuna Matata Dance Party will close on September 30th, no word if the Viva Gaia street band will return.

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