Dramatic Decrease In Halloween Horror Nights Crowds Apparent

credit: Bioreconstruct/InsideTheMagic

Recent crowds for Halloween Horror Nights are starting to stall, or so it appears from the skies. Bioreconstruct recently took to social media to post aerial shots of a flight over Universal Studios during the event and the pictures he posted left us scratching our heads and asking, “where is everyone?”

Halloween Horror Nights has claimed to be the premiere halloween scare event for the past 30 years however, it seems they may now have some competition. With the recent controversial implementation of plexiglass and plastic coverings added to the scare houses to protect guests and scareactors alike, several voiced their displeasure for the addition and seemed to pull out of this year’s festivities. SeaWorld just launched its first year of Hall-O-Scream which has opened with well received reviews, begging the question if horror seekers are now being forced to choose where they’re getting their scream on.

credit: Christian Duffy

While we’re not certain when and what time these photos were taken, Halloween Horror Nights has also been known to drop in attendance just past midnight for their patroned guests. Posted wait times for houses that could feature a 65+ minute wait in the earlier hours of the event, tend to see a decrease by at least half as the event starts to wind down.

Whatever the matter, Halloween Horror Nights continues to thrive and has already sold out of several ticketed nights. With October just around the corner, time will tell if guest were just waiting until a little further in the season to continue to scare themselves out of their minds.

credit: Bioreconstruct

So tell us, have you had an opportunity to visit Halloween Horror Nights this year, or do you plan to later in the season? Have you seen a decrease in crowd levels? Is this the only place you intend to get your scares in, or are you looking to get your scares at other events too?

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