Don’t See a Movie on Disney+ That You Would Like to Watch? You Can Request It

Disney+ is not a week old and people have put the app and platform through it’s paces. Although it launched with some glitches, one that we still have to deal with (I’m looking at you 20 sec refresh) it has been received positively by most viewers.

The original content is varied and fresh, the old classic shorts and movies bring the sentiment of nostalgia and the expanded Disney Universe, including, Fox, Star Wars and Marvel gives it a needed balance.

Now you can actually request a movie or show you don’t see offered. Remember Disney+ is all PG-13 and under so the reason you might not see a specific movie might be the rating level.

Here’s how requesting a movie or show works:

First login to Disney+ and access your profile. Click “Help” option

Click “Give Feedback”

From the Drop menu access “What Would you like to do” and pick “Request a film or a show”

This easy-to-access feature is a nice sign that Disney appears to be taking customer service seriously and truly cares about what their users want from their streaming service. Taking user suggestions for new content will be a great way to help shake up the platform and carry out their success.

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