Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities-Merchandise in Galaxy’s Edge

Shop for mysterious and unique galactic artifacts collected by a legendary antiquities dealer. Hidden inside the den you’ll encounter a rotating collection of unique items that include everything from jewelry to ancient tools, to rare kyber crystals, to statues.

Dok Ondar

You’ll want to explore every nook and cranny of the shop, even if you are not buying anything, this is one of those stores where imagineers have hidden the most Star Wars easter eggs. Make sure to talk to the shop keepers and they will guide you through the items and help you decide which piece suits best to you.

The shelves and the entire store is one big museum, there are many pieces that are only for display, like a full size Wampa that over looks everyone from the second floor.

Now that the media stories have been lifted we have a good idea on prices of the items sold here. We will go through s small portion of them just to give an idea on what to budget for.

You will find masks and bust and helmets of different Star Wars characters, true to size and exact movie replicas, these vary from $100 to $450.

Full outfits of different characters, including Leia and Padme (Queen Amidala) can be found here, along with their headpieces and wigs. These start at $100.

Legacy lightsabers, replicas of lightsabers from famous Star Wars characters run from $100 to $300.

The jedi and sith holocrons (cube and pyramid) are a very cool addition to any Star Wars collector. These holocrons come with a USB cable and you will hear familiar voices and an emitting light, these are $50.

Holocrons and Kyber Crystals

You can add specific kyber crystals from a favorite Jedi or Sith character, these will cost $12.99 and it’s a unique addition to your holocron.

Here is a video, courtesy of The Dis, you can see the amount of objects Dok has acquired through the years and everything he is willing to sell.

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