Disney’s Aspire Program Now Includes UCF

The Disney Aspire program allows Disney World Cast Members to enroll in Colleges and University while Disney picks up the tab. The company pays for tuition, applications fees and books and although the student still has to qualify to be admitted this is a huge deal for a lot of Cast Members that otherwise would not be able to afford a higher education.

And now the University of Central Florida has been added to the list of available education centers that Cast Members can choose from.
Part of the 34 undergraduate and master’s degree programs that Disney workers can study range from biology, nursing, education, entertainment management and an online master’s degree in hospitality and tourism management.

“Since its launch, Disney Aspire has enabled thousands of Cast Members to dream bigger and reach higher,” said George Kalogridis, president of Walt Disney World Resort and a 1976 UCF alumnus who studied sociology, in a news release. “Adding UCF to this prestigious network of schools will provide our Cast Members with even more options to create the futures they imagine.”

With the Aspire Program the Walt Disney World Company continues to give back aand help the central Florida community and their Cast Members.

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