Disneyland Adds Another Location to Buy Alcohol

We know our Disneyland purist fans will not be happy, but Disneyland Park in California has just announced that there will be another spot where you can purchase alcohol.

Before Galaxy’s Edge, you were unable to purchase alcohol at Disneyland (unless you were rich & held a Club 33 membership). However, Oga’s Cantina was the first exception to that rule. There’s now a second, Blue Bayou Restaurant in Disneyland park.

From Disney Park’s Blog:

Blue Bayou Restaurant in Disneyland park will soon offer new beverage options that elevate the culinary experience. This guest-favorite spot will open after the theme parks reopen, and we’ll share that date as soon as we can. The enhanced offerings fit right in with the story and spirit of the Blue Bayou and reflect what many of our guests have requested.

The new additions will complement the menu and theme of the restaurant, with beverages such as wine, beer, and a specialty Hurricane Cocktail – a New Orleans staple! Or, you may want to try the new celebration sparkling wine package. Soon, you’ll be able to pair them with the restaurant’s delicious menu items, like the popular Surf and Turf. Also, keep an eye out for new, seasonal takes on our Mint Julep non-alcoholic beverage. Stay tuned for more on Blue Bayou.”

You still have cannot walk around Disneyland with alcohol & need to finish your beverages inside the restaurant. No word if Disneyland Parks sees alcohol as a necessary new revenue stream due to losses they’ve incurred from Covid lockdowns.

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