Disney is Expecting

Every year on September 22, the world celebrates World Rhinoceros Day. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is celebrating in a huge way, by announcing today that three of their white Rhinos are expecting! The gestation period for a rhino is typically 16-18 months. Kendi, who was the first rhino born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 1999, is also the first rhino due. Kendi is due sometime this October. Jao is expected to give birth sometime in the fall of 2021. Lastly, Lola is due with her calf in the fall or winter of 2021.

Due to the conservation efforts in place at the park, breedings are done through a very controlled process. There have been ten baby white rhinos born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park since its opening in 1998.

For guests visiting the park you can see the crash of rhinos at the Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction and on the Wild Africa Trek. You can also experience an up close encounter through a guided adventure tour, called Up Close With Rhinos.

Congratulations Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park! We can’t wait to meet those new babies!

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