Disney Fans Push to Have Recording Devices Banned on All Rides

Since we announced the ban of recording devices on ‘Space Mountain‘ earlier this week, Parks fans have had a lot to say about it. Guests have been frustrated with the excessive filming in the Parks, filming which effects the experience of other Guests. When phones are held up in the line of sight, a bright flash ruins a dark ride, or when phones are dropped injuring other Guests, it seems to effect mostly people around the person filming, not the person doing the filming. There are so many stories shared on social media surrounding bad phone etiquette in the Parks.

It seems that now, the ban of recording device use on ‘Space Mountain’ has opened up a lot of conversation. Guests are sharing that they would like to see recording devices banned on all attractions in the Parks.

A Reddit post by u/austinalexan has drawn a lot of attention, with users expressing overwhelming support of the ‘Space Mountain’ ban. They also share their hopes that this ban will be put into place throughout Disney Parks. Check out some of their thoughts on the rule change below:

A comment by u/ItDontMather asks the question that many are wondering. If this should be the rule for all shows and attractions at the Parks, how is it enforced? What happens if a Guest is “caught” filming, what is the consequence of doing so?

Guests overwhelmingly seem to be on board with making this the rule throughout the Disney Parks. Will Disney listen and institute this change everywhere in the Parks? What do you think, should phone and recording device usage be banned? Let us know!

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