Disney Fans Debate Stroller Etiquette at the Parks

Strollers undoubtedly are a must for families in the Parks with young children. They are helpful for babies, for holding diaper bags and baby care items, as well as snacks and toys for young children during a day at the Parks. Even older children who typically don’t require a stroller at home will find themselves wishing they had one at the Parks. The walking can be tiring, and the days can be long. It’s safe to say, stroller use at the Parks is definitely here to stay.

In recent years Disney has had some issues with large strollers and how Guests utilize them. Due to this, Disney has cracked down on the types of strollers allowed in the Parks. Strollers must fit certain criteria to be permitted into the parks: maximum sizes are 31 inches wide by 52 inches long, and stroller wagons are not permitted in the Parks at all. When entering a Park at the security check, there is a painted outline on the ground that Guests can wheel their strollers into to ensure they meet Disney size standards. Strollers must fit within those guidelines in order to enter the Parks. Disney takes these new rules seriously and enforce them for the safety of all Guests.

However, once you enter the Parks, it seems all bets are off. In recent years we have been seeing more and more instances of strollers being used as a “weapon” against the crowds. In some circumstances, Guests are using their strollers to get where they want to be in situations like Firework shows (or any show where the front may be the best view). This is not only unfair to all Guests who are trying to enjoy the Parks, it can also be dangerous.

Case in point, Reddit username lemonclements shared their horrifying stroller experience recently while viewing ‘Enchantment’ fireworks at Magic Kingdom:


We have all been accidentally pushed while in the Parks, but injuring someone to get a better view of Fireworks is taking things to a whole new level. As we would expect, the comment section is sounding off and sharing their experience with strollers in the Parks:

What do you think? Have you had a bad experience with another Guest and a stroller in the Parks? Should there be some sort of new rule regarding stroller use in Disney Parks? If so, what changes would you like to see? Let us know!

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