Disney Celebrates 90 Years of Donald Duck with a Global Celebration, New Short

Disney Celebrates 90 Years of Donald Duck with a Global Celebration, New Short

Happy Birthday to an icon! The Walt Disney Company announced plans this morning on ‘Good Morning America’ to celebrate and honor everyone’s favorite angry duck, Donald Duck!

The new global, company-wide campaign will take place over the next several months and include new merchandise, events at the Disney Parks, and more. Brands like Tourister, Casetify, Loungefly and others will release over 70 new products, all featuring Donald.

In addition to products and new park offerings, Donald will also be featured in a brand new short. On June 9, Walt Disney Animation Studios will release D.I.Y. Duck, the Studios’ first Donald Duck-starring short since 1961. The short will debut on Disney+ as well as Walt Disney Animation Studios’ YouTube, Disney Channel, and Freeform. The short finds Donald trying his hand at some home repairs which begin with the replacement of a light bulb and quickly turn into a series of comic catastrophes. His temper flares and his frustration grows as things spiral out of control and lead to an explosive finale. Sounds like a Donald short for sure!

Donald Duck in ‘D.I.Y. Duck’, debuting on June 9

Over the last 90 years, Donald Duck has been featured in more Disney short films than any other character, over 150 in all. His way of dealing with life and the everyday struggles that are faced has cemented him as an icon right alongside his cheerful pals Mickey and Minnie. Donald was first featured 1934 with the debut of Walt Disney’s Silly Symphony short cartoon,The Wise Little Hen. Donald’s status only grew throughout the years eventually earning him a star on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame, webbed footprints and all.

Happy Birthday Donald Duck! To many, many more years of ups and downs, we cannot wait to see what’s next!

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