Disney Announces Price for Hulu+ESPN+Disney+

The battle between Disney and Netflix is real. And it just keeps getting more intense the closer we get to the November 12 launch of Disney+. By far, the most anticipated is Disney+, which will be the exclusive home for much of Disney’s classic film library, as well as many of its TV shows. Disney CEO Bob Iger gave us more details about that service, including pricing, and the message is clear. Disney is coming for Netflix in a big way.

Disney plans to charge $6.99 for Disney+, or you can subscribe to a package that also includes ESPN+ ($4.99) and Hulu (with ads– $5.99) for $12.99. That’s a lot cheaper than the $16-$17 price range for HBO Max, and happens to be the same price as Netflix’s standard plan. 

Netflix has reasons to be nervous, not only is a variety of TV Shows and Movies leaving to join Disney+, they are also losing 2 of their most popular binge worthy shows, Friends and The Office.

In the end, the viewers will be the ones to decide. Will they keep their Netflix subscription for ole time sake? Or will the go over to the House of Mouse for the same price and get not 1 but 3 different streaming platforms?

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