Disney Adds Additional Park Pass Reservations For Annual Passholders at All Four Parks

Since the Walt Disney World Parks opened in July, Disney has implemented several new protocols and policies for both guests and Cast Members. One of these is that guests must reserve their desired park entry with a Park Pass Reservation for the day they plan to visit each Park. This reservation is subject to availability. And availability varies depending on the type of tickets a guest has. Advanced registration for these park passes is required.

The number of reservations per park is based on various groups: single-day ticket holders, ticket holders staying at a resort, and APs.

Some Annual Passholders feel like the new system works against them by limiting the days they can go to the park – or eliminating the ability to visit a park on a whim. These passholders believe the Annual Pass System has been devalued.

These APs have stated that the there are too few spots available for them, especially when compared to the number of unused park reservation slots from the other listed groups.

Disney has listened to their feedback. As of August 18th more Park Pass reservations spots have been made available for APs for all four Parks.

Have you experienced limited availability with your annual pass for Walt Disney World? Comment below and tell us your experiences.

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