DeSantis Encouraging Parks to Ease Capacity Limits

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

There was a roundtable discussion today held by Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis. The discussion featured Michael Levitt, a professor of structural biology at Stanford University; Jay Bhattacharya, a professor of medicine and economics at Stanford; and Michael Killduff of Harvard Medical School.

DeSantis made several statements around the reopening of the local economy. “Everyone in Florida has a right to work. Everyone in Florida has a right to operate a business,” said DeSantis. Including that he plans to allow restaurant owners to reopen to the degree they are “comfortable.” This means they will be able to exceed the 50 percent capacity limitation that has been in place for the last several months. He also acknowledged that Florida could see a second wave of coronavirus cases.

What does this mean for Disney?

Ron DeSantis encouraged Disney, and other theme parks that have voluntarily limited visitors, to allow more people to visit their parks. He voiced concern over the capacity limitations put in place via the Disney Park Pass system being a “self-imposed” limitation. He said he is “supportive of them going to a greater capacity,” and that he thinks that they should to it.

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