Coming Soon to Epcot

There are a lot of exciting projects coming to Walt Disney World, some of them include entire new lands that won’t see their first guests until, maybe 2020. But there are a couple of attractions coming much, much sooner.

One park that will see 2 new attractions is Epcot. As of right now both are scheduled to open late Spring and Summer so let’s check out what’s in the not so distant future.

Soarin’ Around the World: rumors started flying early last year when there were helicopters flying low over the Walt Disney World property that Soarin’ might see a change in movie, and sure enough it was announced that an all new production was in the works.

Soarin’ Around the World promises a journey to far away lands, showcasing natural and man-made wonders, we know that the Great Wall of China and ┬áthe African Savannah will be part of it. Not only do we get a new movie but also an upgrade on the screen and projectors. I’m wondering what kind of smells we will have with this new version?

soarin around the world


Frozen Ever After and Royal Sommerhus: Over at the Norway pavilion we will see an all new attraction based on the Arendelle sisters. Frozen Ever After will transport guests to Arendelle just in time for the “Winter in Summer” celebration. The Imagineers have been hard at work on this attraction and have been collaborating with animators and even the songwriters from the movie, so we will probably get to hear a new catchy tune.

The Royal Sommerhus will be the place to meet and greet Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, and if the rumors are correct Olaf. Imagineers are making sure that the architecture of this building stays true to Norway even though many have come to call this the new Arendelle Pavilion.


Now, if you are planning on coming during the late Spring/Summer make sure to book your fast passes in advance. Many think that Frozen Ever After and Soarin Around the World will be Tier 1 attractions, so you can only pick one of that group. As always if you are at Epcot when the park opens it will be your best bet for lower wait times, these 2 attractions will be very popular with lines holding steady at one hour for most of the day.

So, of these 2 new attractions which one are you most excited to experience?


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