Cinderella Castle Makeover and TRON Lightcycle Run Construction Progress Photos- Magic Kingdom

With the opening of the Magic Kingdom for Cast Member Previews a mere week away, and work on Cinderella Castle still ongoing- one is left wondering: Will the transformation of the iconic castle be complete when parks reopen?

Today, we’ve got a photo update for you all and it included the work on TRON Lightcycle Run along with the iconic Cinderella Castle. Which both resumed a little over a month ago.

Let’s start with Cinderella Castle Makeover:

As you can see from the photos- the spires are all popping with a new bright blue roof. The gold trim and spires truly do sparkle against the rose gold as well. It seems that the outlining walls and spires remain to be painted in the popular Rose gold, to match the main castle. Underneath those details, and covered in tarp, it appears that new banners may have also been installed on the towers – the closest elements to guests in the hub.

It appears that the castle is indeed substantially complete, and may well be totally transformed by the time the park opens.

Now on to the TRON Lightcycle Run Construction:

TRON Lightcycle run is undergoing construction activity on a daily basis. And the process is amazing! The main building for the roller coaster still remains exposed, with paneling being installed on two sides before the closure, but the southern and eastern sides have yet to receive them.

Scaffolding still extends to the roof of the building on the side closest to Space Mountain, and we can see additional scaffolding on the the other side.

Recently, the work on the site has been mostly internal or involved supports for the canopy structure. The attraction was originally scheduled to open prior to the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World next year, but that date may be moved due to the delay caused by the shut down.

Stay tuned to Streaming the Magic for more updates on the ongoing construction projects in Walt Disney World.

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