BREAKING: Opening Date Announced for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

It’s the moment that fans of Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Princess Peach have been waiting for!

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood will be opening on February 17, 2023!

Super Nintendo World features fantastically done theming, immersing Guests into the world of Mario and Nintendo. The land is complete with Princess Peach’s Castle, Yoshi, Thwomps, Gold Coins, Green Pipes, and everything else a fan would hope for in a themed Nintendo land. Bowser will be there of course, with ‘Mario Kart: Bowsers Challenge’. Park Guests can actually drive iconic ‘Mario Kart’ courses and throw shells in an attempt to beat Team Bowser. A preview can be seen below:

In addition to the ‘Mario Kart’ attraction, Guests can also take part in Character Meet and Greets, enjoy themed dining and shopping, and enjoy other interactive areas throughout ‘Super Nintendo World’.

Guest can meet Princess Peach and other famous Characters
‘Toadstool Cafe’, Themed Dining at ‘Super Mario World’

Universal Studios Hollywood shared a preview of what Guests can expect on YouTube. Take a peek below at what’s in store for Guests at ‘Super Mario World’:

We are so excited to learn more about ‘Super Nintendo World’ as we approach opening day. Stay tuned to Streaming the Magic for the latest Theme Park news!

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