BREAKING NEWS: Guests Evacuated From Tom Sawyer Island Due To Reports Of Hatchet Wielding Man

credit: DisneyFoodBlog

Streaming The Magic will update as further details are revealed

UPDATE 10:04pm: Several comments within various Annual Passholder groups suggest the man to be of younger age, and to have broken free a prop hatchet from the Tom Sawyer Island set. Other comments have also alleged that he may have broken free a closed door with the prop and has been apprehended by Disney security and/or police. Once STM can confirm further details, we will certainly update you here.

Today at approximately 5:40pm cast members at Tom Sawyer Island received reports and apparently some photographic evidence from guests about a man dressed in camouflage that was carrying an hatchet. He reportedly appeared to emerge from a backstage area (outside of traditional Disney park entrance) and was overheard singing songs from the Country Bear Jamboree.

As of the time of this reporting no apprehension has been reported however, out of an abundance of caution guests were swiftly evacuated from the area so a thorough search could be performed.

Tom Sawyer Island has traditionally been a self-paced walkthrough attraction for guests to enjoy leisurely. This area of the park features several elements from the storybook brought to life through bridges, hilly terrain, man-made caverns, and storefront wooden buildings that many guests young and old venture to visit and walk through their many levels of good old fashion fun. This portion of the park is usually accessed by way of a cast member guiding you on a raft to and from their departure stations adjacent to the Liberty Bell Steamboat entrance.

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