BREAKING: More Virtual Queue Line Changes To Disney Apps

credit: Inside The Magic
credit: Scott Gustin via Twitter

It’s time once again for Disney to shake things up with how they’ve been rolling out virtual queues. These are currently being used in Walt Disney World for Rise of the Resistance in Galaxy’s Edge (Hollywood Studios) and Disneyland at WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure (California Adventure) to gain a boarding group to (almost) guarantee guests riding that day with a return time.

That process has been the pivotal point of debate and quite the headache for some guests since it first rolled out and seemed to tie guests up at a screen past the initial click to where they needed to confirm the guests joining them in their party. This has now been alleviated as guests can actually confirm their riding group before the opening stroke of the clock to grab those boarding passes.

This new window to confirm your group will open 1 hour prior to the time you can start grabbing those boarding passes making it easier now more than ever to have one less step to worry about reading through in that process. This window of time will be open the entire hour so there’s no need to confirm right at the moment the hour hits before. So for example, if you’re first attempt at a boarding pass for Rise Of The Resistance opens at 7am, this means you can confirm your group you intend to make boarding passes for as early as 6am.

Here’s another screenshot to show what that looks like afterwards and can be obtained by simply “pulling down” in the screen to get a boarding pass or “refreshing” the boarding pass window.

credit: Scott Gustin via Twitter

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