Bob Iger for President? Iger Shares Thanksgiving Message Via Twitter to Mixed Responses

Bob Iger, who returned this week as CEO of The Walt Disney Company, sent out Thanksgiving wishes to his followers via Twitter this morning.  This is his first tweet in over two years where he addressed Cast and Employees as the CEO of the Company.  Check out his Tweet below:

There have been many, many well wishing replies for the returned CEO.  However, several have many suggestions to Iger, on everything from Splash Mountain to sharing hopes for a Presidential run.

@save_splash shared that they hope Splash Mountain remains at the parks:

Others have also replied with hopes that Iger brings back the magic that has been “missing” in the Parks.  @chris_krismutt shared:

In a more shocking reply, @nic0lebader shared that they hope Iger has Presidential aspirations in the future:

What changes do you hope to see as Iger moves forward in his return as CEO?  Let us know!
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