ASGO partnered with Universal Orlando Resorts in creating a new Planning Guide for Guests with Cognitive Disabilities. ASGO was able to provide input and suggestions, as well as have an ASGO member appear in some of the pictures in the guide. Here’s the link to the new guide.

From high-speed attractions to energetic live shows to large walk-around characters, some of the entertainment offerings at Universal Orlando Resort’s theme parks may overstimulate the senses.

To help each guest and their families enjoy their time with us comfortably and safely, we’ve created a guide outlining what to expect in each theme park, including attraction information, dining information and other helpful resources.

The pdf guide provides guests with tips on what to bring with them, what to expect while at the parks, information on what Team Members do when they encounter a lost guest, and a detailed information on each attraction with ratings on fears, height requirements, if it was water elements, probability of claustrophobia and other common concerns.