A More Affordable Beers-Around-the-World Option at Disney World

Disney fans that love to get their drink on, love Epcot. It’s become a tradition for Disney fans to try to drink one beer at every country at Epcot (known as beers around the world).

Unfortunately, beers around the world at Epcot can be costly. First, there’s admission to the park. A single day ticket to Epcot is now $103. So before you can even enjoy a drop of beer, you’ll have to drop quite a few pennies to enter the park. Second cost, the beer. Visiting Disney from New York thinking you won’t be paying New York Prices? Think again. Beer prices at Epcot are comparable to most New York City pubs.  If you’re just paying your own way through each country, you’ll be looking at an additional $90 if you have one beer at each country. So in total, just to drink around the world at Epcot, close to $200.

Here’s a second option that allows you to taste beers around the world, minus the park admission cost, Disney Springs! Yup, Disney Springs is slowly becoming a miniature World Showcase.

Want to taste beer from Asia? Check out “Morimoto Asia”. An Asian themed restaurant (w/bar) at Disney Springs.

Missing from beers around the world in Epcot is Ireland (except during Food & Wine Festival). However at Disney Springs, you can always get a taste of Ireland at the Raglan Road restaurant & bar. While Rose & Crown might have the famous Piano Lady, Raglan Road has the famous Irish tap dancers to cheer on while you cheers with friends over some Irish beer.

Love Mexico in Epcot? Well then you might love Disney Springs’ “Paradiso 37 “. This restaurant overlooks Village Lake and features 2 stories of waterfront views. The menu features North, Central, and South American cuisine. There is also a international wine and tequila bar.

Enjoy drinking in Italy at Epcot? “Portobello” might be a fine substitute. Enjoy Italian beer & wine in an inviting Mediterranean setting.

Another world location you can drink at in Disney Springs that you can’t at Epcot, The Rain forest! Check out the Lava Lounge next time you’re at Disney Springs. Part of the Rain Forest cafe.

That’s just some of the locations you can grab a beer at in Disney Springs. There’s plenty of other cool locations that might not have a country theme, but are still worth a stop during your bar crawl 🙂


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  • February 18, 2016 at 4:32 am

    We did just that in December and it will be even better once all the construction is complete.

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