5 Things I Love About Disney’s Hollywood Studios on it’s 30th Anniversary

We are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Back on May 1st 1989 Disney opened up this park as a direct response to Universal plans of opening Universal Studios. It was a fight against time where Universal announced it’s plans first but Disney beat them to opening date. In these 30 years the park has gone through a number of changes, and what we see today has none of it’s original attractions or shows, it does not have it’s original name, it doesn’t even evoke it’s original theme but I believe it still connects to Michael Eisner’s opening day words:

“The world you have entered was created by the Walt Disney Co. and is dedicated to  Hollywood – not a place on a map but a state of mind that exists wherever people dream and wonder and imagine– a place where illusion and reality are fused by technological magic.  We welcome you to a Hollywood that never was – and always will be.”

Original MGM Studios Map. Can you see the hidden Mickey?

So today I present you with my top 5 favorite things about the current Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

5. Size: being the smallest is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when you have a full Disney trip planned. Hollywood Studios has managed to condense many attractions and shows into a small plot of land making it very easy to navigate from one point to another.

4. Well Rounded Park: Hollywood Studios has a wide variety of attractions for all ages and tastes. It has amazing thrill rides, fun kid rides and shows and a variety of streetmosphere opportunities. Every member of your family will have something to enjoy at this park.

Slinky Dog Dash

3. Night Shows: not one but currently two options to cap off your night at Hollywood Studios. Fantasmic! has been running since 1998 and although it is in need for an upgrade the show still brings the charm, great storyline and heartwarming ending to a perfect Hollywood Studios day. If Fantasmic! is not your cup of tea, Star Wars A Galactic Spectacular is an amazing show that combines projections, lasers, fire, light effect and fireworks, tied in perfectly with the music of John Williams.


2. Citizens of Hollywood: you don’t even have to step foot inside an attraction to have a great time at the park. The Citizens have been entertaining guests since the park opened and some people decide to walk straight past this amazingly talented improv troupe, what a huge mistake. I guarantee you will laugh and be completely in awe of their quick wit. Most of my favorite citizens have moved on, some actually into the real Hollywood but I will never forget Francis Floot, Melvin Macheezmo, Shelby Mayer, Paige Turner, Bucky Greenhorn…

Citizens of Hollywood

1.Cast Members: being an annual passholder for the past 19 years and going very, very often to the parks you start to notice a pattern. I have come to the conclusion that the Cast Members at Hollywood Studios are the nicest CMs on property. I’m not sure why this is, they seem happier, more attentive and more willing to engage in conversation. Not hating on the other parks at all but this is just my unscientific observation.

Cast Photo from 20th Anniversary

We cannot celebrate the 30th anniversary of Hollywood Studios without naming the giant franchise in the room, Star Wars is coming at the end of August to the park and it will more than likely revive the popularity of this park as a whole, so here’s to you Hollywood Studios, may your future continue to shine bright, salud to my favorite theme park.

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