2 New Cartoons Added to Disney+ Lineup

Disney+ streaming service continues to add more and more content to their November 12th launch date.

We have details on two new cartoons. The first is a Chip and Dale series, featuring the sneaky and trouble making duo, there will be 39, 7 minute long shorts of the chipmunks doing what they do best, getting into trouble. It will be all music and sound effects with no talking but tons of slapstick and high jinx action.

The second is a series based on the Three Caballeros. Legend of The Three Caballeros debuted in the Asian market last year through DisneyLife streaming service. Donald’s latest TV venture is also one of his most thrilling. Legend of The Three Caballeros reunites Disney’s top duck with his two amigos from The Three Caballeros (1945). In this animated series, Donald releases Xandra, the Goddess of Adventure, from an enchanted Atlas. Suddenly the Duck, José Carioca, and Panchito find themselves battling mythical monsters around the globe, from the Egyptian pyramids to Mount Rushmore.

It seems like we are getting news on new content almost everyday, Disney+ streaming service will most likely affect they way people watch and enjoy T.V. With the platform promising to bring the entire Disney Vault collection of movies into your homes, also adding all of their other franchises with original content in the form of series, animated stories and of course giving people the ability to watch all the newly released movies. Disney+ will be a must have for any Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and Fox fan.

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