A Review of Star Wars Galactic Nights At Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Julie

A Review of Star Wars Galactic Nights At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

By Julie

I told you guys I was a Star Wars fan right? If anyone had any doubts and you watched my pop up  streams from Star Wars Celebration and Star Wars Galactic Nights this past weekend I’m sure you would not only call me a Star Wars fan but maybe a Star Wars nerd? Geek? Freak? I will take any of those labels and wear them with pride.

Anyways, I had the amazing opportunity to attend Star Wars Galactic Nights, special ticketed event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during the mega Star Wars convention of all conventions, Star Wars Celebration, on Friday April 14th.  Here is my review of that night.

When Star Wars Galactic Nights was first announced I was very excited, they had already done a special party for the release of Force Awakens back in 2015, and I had several friends attend that and they loved it. I quickly checked the details provided by the Disney Parks Blog and was disappointed when I saw the price tag. $129 for adults, being a Disney fan is not cheap and this price was out of my budget. Luckily this event was announced on January 11th and my birthday is January 12th, well my super cool kids got together and bought me the ticket, I was surprised and very appreciative.

So with this special event ticket you could enter Disney’s Hollywood Studios at 5pm, the party itself was not set to start until 7pm. I got to the park promptly at 5pm and saw they had a cool set up outside the park for people to take pictures. The entrance of the park itself had posters of Galactic Nights. Once I scanned my Magic Band there were Cast Members ready to give us our party lanyards and map.  


My first surprised was when I saw Hollywood Blvd being dressed up with an actual red carpet, I had not had the chance to meet BB-8 yet since he started meeting past Monday so I headed straight to Launch Bay. Day guests were not being allowed to enter the meet and greet area so the line was only 5 minutes. I freaked out a bit when I saw BB-8 and we had an entire conversation about Celebration, he was very happy for me to be able to meet him and he told me I was his favorite fan (yes, I speak droid).


The special event merchandise was out at Cargo Bay and I bought my 40th Anniversary Star Wars hat, cause you never can have enough hats. Also the entire Animation Courtyard had new banners commemorating the 40th Anniversary.

I decided to grab a spot for the motorcade around 6pm, the motorcade was scheduled for 8:05pm I did not mind one bit sitting down in a shady spot with a nice cool breeze and relaxing, I met with friends that are part of the 501st and were here for Celebration and we chatted and passed the time by reliving our memories of what we had done at Celebration so far.

The motorcade was fun although I thought they could have had some actual characters marching down along with the stars. I was surprised that John Knoll (Chief Creative Officer at ILM) was there and also Warwick Davis (Wicket) Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett) and Ray Park (Darth Maul) big names in the Star Wars Universe.

Probably my one and only let down came after when I went to the Stars of the Saga show, this was a show that was done during Star Wars Weekends and it was always really fun and had a great energy. On this particular night I’m not sure if people just didn’t know what the show was about, or they didn’t care to attend, but the first show was half empty, also people didn’t seem to know who John Knoll was, only scattered applause  when he came on. A better reaction came when Alan Tudyk (K2SO) arrived. Also Vanessa Marshall is an amazing voice actor (Voice of Hera from Rebels)  but she was a boring host, in my opinion. Anyways the show was still fun and informative.

After it was time to get some pictures, all around the park they had sets from scenes of all the movies and you were encouraged to get a sticker that when placed on your event badge would reveal a surprise. My priority was to get the Hoth/Wampa/Cave/Lightsaber  scene picture, these backdrops were a lot of fun. Photopass were on hand to get your picture.

Also a lot of characters were out. The Jawas and Ewoks were around the Star Tours area. Inside Launch Bay along with the regular meet and greets there was Vader and Boba Fett. In the Animation Courtyard the droid builders brought a lot of droids out including R2D2 and the Death Troopers were actually stopping for pictures

Another priority of mine was riding Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster they had replaced the Aerosmith music with Star Wars score. That was really fun.

I had gotten word that Rey was making her debut but no one had a real clue where, after asking around I found out she would be in the Star Wars Far Far Away show that was about to be done in 2 minutes, I have never gone live on the stream so fast, had horrible spots and I the stream wasn’t great but I wanted to bring it to you live. She was spot on, of course no dialogue, but it was a special moment finally having not only a Star Wars face character but a female lead in the show.

Our final surprise came at the end of the night, right before Star Wars A Galactic Spectacular our host, Mark Daniel asked us to take of our lanyards on concentrate on the Force to make a special message appear. Sure enough we all used The Force and blacklight came on and we got a very special moment, if you haven’t watched it yet I caught that on the Galactic Spectacular stream.

Now again to that much dreaded question, Was it worth it? The attractions were basically walk ons all night, longest wait was probably 15 minutes. The park never felt crowded. And if you were a Star Wars fan you would’ve been very happy. At $129 it’s a more expensive than a one day ticket but you got some cool extras in the 5 hours of party or 7 hours of being able to be in the park. Again these parties are a personal choice extra events, will I do the next Galactic Nights? I would say, yes, considering that it might happen during the premiere of The Last Jedi. More Star Wars is always great.

May the Force be With You…Always.


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