Introduction to our streamer Julie

Hello, I’m Julie and I’m a DisneyStarWarsholic

I guess It’s about time to properly introduce myself to all of you, hello, my name is Yulady but my friends call me Julie. I am a mom to an amazingly talented 20 year old son (StereoFM bass player, plug,plug) and a remarkably smart 16 year old daughter. I have been with Streaming Disney for about a year and a half now but  lets rewind to the early 80s, I’m 8 years old and my family takes our first Disney World trip. We had no plan, we bought tickets that day, we entered the park around 11 am and made a 2 hour line for Dumbo followed by a 1 and a half hour for 2000 Leagues Under the Sea (I remember this because my dad told us how much we waited multiple times that day)  we watch the parade and then just sat on a bench because he refused to make any more lines, there’s a picture somewhere (I have to dig it up) where you can clearly see my sister, holding a Mickey balloon looking miserable and I’m in the background. I was having the time of my life, my little heart was full of magic, pixie dust and happiness, In an instant I had fallen in love. I had to wait almost a decade until my next trip. This one included a newly opened park called Disney’s MGM Studios. The Aladdin parade was awesome and I watched how they made the stunts for Indiana Jones, took a really cool Backlot Tour and did the Great Movie Ride. But the thing I wanted to do most of all was ride Star Tours. You see I’m a Disney fan but before that I was a Star Wars fan. Not sure how it started, none of my family liked the movies or were into anything Sci Fi, but there I was, watching Star Wars on TV one day and loving it. Star Tours was everything I wanted it to be, we even got to meet an Ewok outside of the ride, my dad kept telling me to go stand next to the “little bear thing” while I kept telling him: It’s an Ewok…

We did all the other Disney parks as well and I loved how things had changed since my first visit but how it also felt the same, familiar, the same music on Main Street, the same Dole Whip in Adventureland, the same beautiful castle and the same feel…you know that feel, the one that it’s hard to explain to people that just don’t get it, the feel that everything is alright, that you have no problems because you can smell the delicious aromas coming from the bakery, because you see the amazing attention to detail in every attraction, because you feel the sensation that you are actually on a flying Pirate Ship soaring over London, because you taste the unmistakable flavor of a Mickey Bar (yes anything in Mickey head shape tastes better) and because hear the amazing soundtracks of Epcot Center…the feels of MAGIC.
I felt very fortunate with the  opportunity to move permanently and live in Orlando. Year one I got my Annual Passes and started going to the parks every weekend. My 2 kids grew up in this environment, believing that things will happen if you have the courage to pursue them with all your heart, that dreams come true if you work hard for them and knowing that it all started by a Man and a Mouse.
Now  the entire property is going through a transition, through some changes and we as Disney fans must adapt and remember that Walt never wanted any of the parks to be completed, he wanted them to change and grow. Some people might think I have had too much of the Disney Kool-Aid but that’s not the truth. I’m the first to admit when things have changed for the worse or when things have stayed the same too long.
I want t thank all of our viewers for your support, and as always…I will see yo real soon.


This is me as you will probably see me any day at Disney. Wearing some sort of Star Wars attire (this particular day was especially Star Warsie, even the shirt under the jacket was of the movie) in the most magical place on Earth

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  • April 3, 2017 at 8:07 pm

    We love your enthusiasm Julie you are the best Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment you have given us. See you soon Margaret


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