5 Disney Attractions I Miss Most

5 Attractions I Miss the Most

By Julie

Being a Disney World fan has taught me many things, one of them is to embrace change. Things are never permanent, attractions and entertainment come and go, sometimes I don’t really understand the need for change and sometimes I think they are right on track.

So here are the attractions and entertainment I miss the most. For this list I tried not to look online at a list of things that have closed but rather use my own memories and experiences and write about the ones I miss the most.

5.- Studios Backlot Tour featuring Catastrophe Canyon: This attraction has a very special place in my heart. I remember clearly the first time I rode the big red tram, I was about 17 and me and my family had come from Venezuela for a 1 week vacation to Orlando. I enjoyed it very much and we made a big fuss during the Catastrophe Canyon part, screaming in fake terror and swaying back and forth. Years later I had the chance to form real friendships with Cast Members from this attraction and even though at the end it was a shell of what it had been, the Backlot Tour will always be a “True Mouseterpiece” in my eyes.


4.- Four for a Dollar: If you ever had a chance to go to Beauty and the Beast -Live on Stage before 2008 you might have enjoyed this quartet of talented a cappella singers. Dressed as sound techs they would come out on stage before the show to “set the mikes” and end up giving the people an awesome set of beautiful harmonies. It was an entertaining way to wait for the main show and people loved their sets. This is one of those closures that I don’t understand but I’m happy to say that I am now close friends with some of the members of this group and they are all doing well and striving in their profession all around Central Florida.


3.- The Timekeeper: Loved this Circlevision movie and who didn’t? Robin Williams did a superb job as the main character and I would have loved for my daughter to have some real memories of this attraction (she was only 5 when it closed) Anything with a teaching opportunity is big in my book, what makes this closure worse for me is what it was replaced with, I really don’t like Monster’s Laugh Floor but I know many people who do.

2.- Parades at Disney’s Hollywood Studios: any parade even the most boring one of all, the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun would be better than not having anything. My favorites were the Aladdin’s Royal Caravan (funny how these things stick in your head from your very first visit) Stars and Motor Cars Parade (classic) and my absolute most favorite parade Block Party Bash, I mean, seriously, you could have a full body workout with this one.


1.- Tarzan Rocks! The one long gone attraction I miss the most, I absolutely loved this show. It was fun, energetic, immersive and totally awesome. It might help that Tarzan is my second favorite movie (behind Lion King) and my son was very much into it as well. My kids were fortunate enough to open the show a couple of times with the Tarzan yell and also able to meet some of the cast. I feel Finding Nemo the Musical is a good enough attraction but not as rocking as Tarzan was.


And there’s my list down memory lane, Thank goodness for technology and that all of these will live on youtube forever, so we can go ahead and revisit all of our favorites and enjoy them while still looking for the future and what it has in store for us. What are your favorite long-gone attractions and shows?


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