10 Types of Disney Visitor

10 Types of Disney Visitor

By Julie

I love to people watch…I love to find a place to sit and just see people coming and going, maybe, if I’m in line for something,  even listen in on their conversations. I can’t help but chuckle or be completely surprised by how some people behave at Disney; and so I have come up with this list of the general different types of “guests” you will see at the parks.

1.- The Touring General: I don’t even have to say anything more do I?  You know the type, commando style, it’s always go,go,go. Has every minute of every day planned out. This person will drive others nuts but remember; because he/she put so much time into planning, you will most likely be able to experience every attraction and entertainment.
How to make this person happy? : shut up and follow along, also a “thank you” every couple of hours will go a long way
How to improve the situation while with this type of person?: maybe a nice alcoholic beverage or a “chill pill” will calm this person down a bit.

2.- The Wannabe Photog: This person NEEDS to document every little single detail, not just the parade and fireworks and characters, but your face when you enter the parks, your face when you see the castle, your face when you ride the teacups and when you try Beverly,   LOOK!! a lizard, snap…a pretty flower, snap…it can get annoying but remember thanks to this person you will have memories to last a lifetime…”remember that time you threw up after Mission Space?”  “How can I forget, I have a picture of it.”
How to make this person happy?: when he/she says “stop, turn around and smile” do it!
How to improve the situation while with this type of person?: you might think taking the batteries from the camera would be a simple solution, you are wrong. This person will probably have extra packs or they can get so distraught it will ruin their day. Instead just walk with them, engage in conversation with them, tell them that you want to experience the parks with them not thru their camera lens.

3.- The Character Hunter: “Oh look there’s Mickey, let’s make an hour line to meet him!”…you might think “but we met him at Magic Kingdom yesterday”…true but this is Animal Kingdom and he’s wearing his Safari outfit. This person will make ridiculously long line to meet every character, no matter if it’s a favorite or not. “Oh look at the furry white cat, let’s make the line” “Do you know what movie she’s from?” “No but look how cute”.
How to make this person happy?: do I have to say it…you shut up and make the line.
How to improve the situation while with this person?: the character nut will not care how long lines are so you should be prepared, bring an umbrella, snacks, water, games to pass the time in line…you could also ditch them and say you need to use the restroom and disappear for an hour, may not be the nicest thing, but the character hunter will probably not notice. He/she will be too busy looking over their autograph book with pride or trying to decipher the squiggly lines on page number 32 “who is that? is it Drizella or Rafiki?”

4.- The Go with the Flow Newbie: They paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars on this trip but they have no clue on where to go or what to do. Easy to spot, they are usually standing in the middle of a park, blocking the way of The Touring General and the Wannabe Photog. They usually don’t approach Cast Members for help other than to ask: Where’s the Harry Potter ride? “Sir, you are at Magic Kingdom”.
How to make this person happy?: easily enough, nothing. They are happy being lost.
How to improve the situation while with this person?:    For God’s sake get a map.

5.- The Always Connected: It doesn’t matter if they are on a ride, eating, or in the restroom. This person is always talking on the phone, checking Twitter or Facebook or taking selfies and posting them on Snapchat and Instagram #WDW #2K15Magic #MickeyMouseLove4Ever #ILOVECHURROS #DOLEWHIPYUMM #BRBTakingSelfie…they usually miss awesome stuff just because their necks are down and staring at the screen.
How to make this person happy?: No need to worry, they are happy inside their cyber world.
How to improve the situation while with this person?: Take their phone away!!!

6.- The Disney Walking/Talking Encyclopedia: “And that window is in honor of Roy Disney, did you know he was the one that finished up Magic Kingdom cause Walt had died?” “and if you look at the ground notice the change of color, this is to show the mud that use to run through the streets during colonial times”  “and that number is the year Snow White debuted” “listen closely he yells I Love Disco”  when you are with this person you will learn things you didn’t want or need to learn. They know every piece of trivia, fact and rumor there is. 
How to make this person happy? Just smile and nod, they are truly happy to share their knowledge.
How to improve the situation while with this person?: Don’t ask any questions and they will eventually stop giving out facts.  or buy them food, they can’t talk if they are eating.

7.- The Pack Rat: They smack you with their huge backpacks, some even rent stroller just to be able to carry everything, I’m sure that they have more stuff inside their packs than Mary Poppins. But they are always prepared for anything…socks in case it rains, check. Medicine in case you feel sick, check. A Full sized  pizza for lunch, check.
How to make this person happy?: help them carry their heavy load.
How to improve the situation while with this person?: you don’t need to, I’m sure they have something in their rolling carts to improve it.

8.- The Money Reminder: My least favorite guest type. This person will constantly remind their family about how much the trip cost. “I paid $$$ to bring you here so you better be happy” “If I buy a $$$ mickey bar you share it with your brother and sister” “It costs us $$$ to be here and I will sit wherever I want” These people make me sad because they are taking away the joy of being at Disney, if you are already here just enjoy it, ugh.
How to make this person happy?: You can’t, sorry.
How to improve the situation while with this person?: Walk ahead of them or far behind so you don’t hear them talk.

9.- The Foreigner Non English speaker: Disney World is a destination, many people come from all over to visit. You will find these guests usually huddled together, trying to understand what’s going on because many of them also come without a plan. They also bring their own customs and might not know that jumping in line and squeezing into your personal space is a big no-no. 9 out of 10 times they mean no harm, they just don’t know any better.
How to make this person happy?: give them a map in their language and point them to Guest Relations for a headphone translator unit.
How to improve the situation while with this person?: if you are with them you probably are a foreigner non English speaker, so you have no clue what I’m writing about.

​10.- The Orlando AP Holder: that’s ME!! I love to go for a couple of hours, maybe take in a show or an attraction, or eat at a favorite place and then leave. I also love helping all of the types above and I might be a bit of a Walking/Talking Encyclopedia but I feel my family and friends have embraced that side of me, or at least, I hope they have, they usually just smile and nod…oh wait.
I also know all the best restrooms and secret places to just chill and special ways to get out of the parks faster.
How to make this person happy?: They are already happy cause they are at their happy place.
How to improve the situation while with this person: you should listen to them, they usually have great advice and only want for you and your family to have the best time at Disney.

There are many variations of all of the above, so which type are you?

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